Thank you for visiting Breakthrough Business Solutions ("BBS").  We are a group of sharp tech-minded solution-providers that bring high value to our clients by offering business automation products and services.   

The Challenge of Automation...

Automation can be tricky business but we all know we need to stay efficient, informed, and competitive, right?  We also know we need to be flexible and connected in this new millennium.

The challenge is to map out the right approach for systems and technologies in an ever-evolving arena.  Is it right to focus on the big picture or does focusing on smaller projects make more sense?  Can existing systems be leveraged?  If so, how?  What approach will maximize results going forward? 

Well, BBS is here to help.  We team up with executives, managers, and line staff to help define high-level goals and objectives and then we roll up our sleeves to assess existing systems, identify high-impact opportunities, set priorities, put forth recommendations, and deliver.  We often split focus between the big picture and immediate-impact projects in order to maximize results.

Visit our Solutions section to learn more about the concepts of what we offer.  Visit our Technologies section provides specifics about the technologies that we use.  Resourcing is our term for supplying qualified technical resources to internally managed projects.